Alphabet Soup: Book 3, Chapter 5

Alphabet Soup, Book 3, Chapter 5

on 10th Sept adec 2020, a Thursday to some.


Alone-at-last! Alison always acted as awkward as any bumbling bric-a-brac biped could. Corners crawled creepily, daring delicate elbows. Edges exacted foul fees, forcing fretful fingers gone hiding.

Hoo-hooza happenstance

In inches Infinite in inclement inclines incredulous Jesuits

Jovial juicy jewels, Jovial juicy Jubilee Jujubee Juliebee leaves L

mixes moorings, mainsails, motors, minstrels, mariners

Nearby, Norton needed no one. Norton needed Norma. Owlish, outspoken omniglot pixie, pearly ,polygamous planetary Queen! Quayside reminders rippling sweetly shoreward shining sparkling salting satisfied skin


Teens, twins, trembling, treading, two-by-two, towards


Via vigorous vehicles verging warily westward . Waiting


X-axis xylophonists xerox


Zaftig zama zama? Zamindar’s Zapatista! Zeitgeber.



. . .



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